Best Affordable BB Creams in India – Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream Review


BB and CC creams have taken the world by storm. While a few years back, dolling up was restricted to the whole foundation and compact routine. But now, we have these great tinted creams with a variety of benefits. These were invented to take care of skin after laser treatment of skin, such that one cream provided coverage, SPF as well as other protection, without using so many products. Slowly, these hit the South Asian market, and there has been no looking back. Now, every brand worth its salt has a BB cream to offer! So earlier, we never did the foundation routine on an everyday basis (at least the normal average female didn’t), but a BB cream can be incorporated in the everyday regime quite easily.

I have used a number of them, and would be reviewing all these gradually, in my series on ‘The Best Affordable BB Creams in India’. This one from Pond’s is my 4th tube, it has become a vanity essential for me.

Ingredients: It is free of parabens, if you are geeky and want to avoid them (I don’t mind them though)




Packing: One of my most favourite packed products. It comes in a very sleek, white colored tube, with a metallic silver twist cap. I find it very travel-friendly, it never leaks or causes trouble, and takes minimum space in the pouch. The tube comes within a basic silver and pink cardboard box with product details.

My Experience: I have been using this one for quite sometime now. Let’s check out the details:

Fragrance: It has a light floral scent. Pond’s products generally smell quite great and this one is no different. It doesn’t linger for more than a few minutes though.

Texture and Coverage: This one has a creamy texture. You need very little amount of it for the face. Though of course, it would vary depending on the type of coverage you want to achieve with it. I suggest that you start with a small amount, as you would appear ghostly white if you use too much! Talking about coverage, I find this one to have a very good coverage power. A small amount is required to achieve this, so you won’t feel heaviness on your face. This cream blends quite well. However, if used alone on dry skin, it would highlight your dryness even more. Always make it a point to thoroughly moisturize your face before putting this on. Also, try this: Take some of this BB cream, and mix it with a dime sized amount of your favourite skin cream. Mix it up well, and then start using on your face. You won’t face any patchiness issues then.

It provides a velvety smooth finish to the face when blended well.

This can also be used as a base layer before you apply a foundation, if your foundation does not provide full coverage. The combination of the two would adequately cover imperfections, dark circles and blemishes. You can also use this, (or as a matter of fact any full coverage providing foundation) directly on your dark spots/blemishes/scars, for a targeted coverage of these marks.


BEFORE: To demonstrate coverage, I have put kajal spots



AFTER: The kajal spot on the right, almost completely covered, after I applied Pond’s BB+ cream on it, and blended well

Staying power: I’m a very lazy girl, and never ever do touch-ups. I, however, find that this BB cream won’t need any, as it stays put all day long. This might be due to my dry skin.. but I find that it has a very high staying power on skin. It might vary with skin type, though.

SPF: This also has an SPF30, which is adequate. So I feel that you won’t need a separate sunscreen on top. This is what I love in BB creams – that they are multi-functional, hence eliminating a lot of products which otherwise are required.

Reducing Dark Spots: This also claims to work within the skin to reduce dark spots, and hence works as a fairness cream. I cannot really comment on this as my skin has no real problem of dark spots, but since this contains Niacinamide which is known to work in skin lightening, I guess it may show results if you use it religiously.

FFS Rating on attributes:

  • Texture: 4/5
  • Blendability: 5/5
  • Coverage: 5/5 (at this price, I can’t ask for more!)
  • Staying power: 4/5 stays all day long, doesn’t get oxidized
  • Shade selection: 1/5 (comes in only one shade, which is suitable for fair/medium skin shades only)

FFS Overall Rating: 4/5 (it would be 5/5 if they launch more shades for Indian skins)


PROs and CONs:


  1. Really cheap and easily available
  2. Provides really good coverage
  3. Does not feel heavy on the skin
  4. Has SPF
  5. Stays put all day long (at least on normal/normal-dry skin)
  6. Contains Vitamin B3, and also claims to reduce dark spots
  7. Can take the place of a foundation in your vanity if you don’t have skin with many problem, and does not require high degree of coverage
  8. A little quantity goes a long way


  1. No shade selection.. That’s the poorest part. They must have had at least 3 basic shades..Hence, dark skinned beauties won’t find this suited to their complexion.
  2. If you have dry skin, you need to prep your skin thoroughly with a moisturizer before applying this, otherwise it would highlight the dry parts of your face, and you end up looking horrible.

Price: Rs 75 for 9 grams, Rs 140 for 18 grams and Rs 325 for 50 grams.

Where to buy: Available easily across hypermarts, Dabur NewU, and of course online, you can buy it from Nykaa

Overall Verdict: A very decent BB cream, which doubles as a sunscreen. Can’t say much about the fairness claim, but it provides excellent coverage, and is very apt for everyday use. Dry skinned girls, it would work well for you if you exfoliate and moisturize before using it. A must-have vanity essential for fair-medium skinned girls, but dusky girls, stay clear!

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