Budget Beauty Diaries: Make-up Multi-taskers

The cold, autumn rain yesterday evening brought a smile to my face. It brought me hope of cooler mornings, and longer nights. I love autumn rains. But now, I can’t wait for winters to set in and fog my windows, freeze my nose, and make life a little laidback! I’m a winter person, through and through. For me, life begins in October (when I’m no longer sweating hard), and almost ends every March, when temperature begins to soar. Then, it is an unending wait for winter. I find a soothing comfort in the chill, as it makes you appreciate a lot of things that we take for granted otherwise: the warmth of a home, of a hot cup of coffee, and of the warm breath that fills up our lungs.

Also, it is only in winters that I actually end up using most of my makeup, because I’m the kind of person who prefers to keep it extremely light and simple in summers, with my makeup comprising nothing more than eyeliner and kajal, apart from a lip gloss (which, more often, gets replaced by a lip balm). But winters give me the opportunity to explore more: I’m more adventurous with blushes, eye shadows and highlighters, mostly because I know it won’t fade away with sweat (did I tell you that I travel by public transport?), or destroyed in dusty winds.

I’m also the type of girl who likes to find multiple purposes in everything I us (no, I really don’t mean to say that I use chairs for sitting, as well as dumping a lot of clothes! Well, that is kinda true, though 🙂 ) Here is a list of my favourite makeup multitaskers: products that work in ways more than one, thus being bang for your buck.

  1. Lipstick as Blush

I swear by this. Just find yourself a beautiful shade of lipstick in pink, peach, or coral. Do make sure that the lipstick is the creamy variety and not matte. Dab a bit of lipstick on the back of your hand, and use your fingers to work it up on the apples of your cheek. Nobody can tell if it’s a real blush or not!


  1. Foundation as Concealer

If you don’t have a proper concealer to hide those blemishes, dark circles, or spots, your regular foundation can come to your rescue. What I personally prefer to do is dot it away on the area, and let it dry for a few moments before blending it. This way, it is already a bit thicker in consistency, and would cover better.

  1. Eyeshadow as Bronzer

A bronze/gold/copper eyeshadow can work more than an eyeshadow. Mix up a hint of the product with some cream and apply on your cheeks, jawbone and forehead. You can also use a large makeup brush, and swipe down gently on these areas. Just make sure not to use a heavy hand, and keep it really subtle.

  1. Foundation as Nude Lipstick

Not able to find the perfect nude lipstick? Have to attend a party and can’t do without the heavy-eyes-nude-lips combination? Then don’t fret. Exfoliate your lips, moisturize lightly, and put your regular foundation on. When it sets, finish with a lip gloss, or heck, even lip balm would do. You can say bye-bye to the thought of buying a nude lipstick.


  1. Baby Powder as Dry Shampoo

One beauty hack every girl must know is how to handle those lazy mornings when you just don’t have the courage to shampoo your hair. I’m one of those lazy girls, especially in winters when I love to sleep a few more minutes than go shower, shampoo and then blow dry as well. So, what to do? Baby powder! Just open up the hair roots, sprinkle some baby powder, and tousle to spread it well. Post some brushing, you look fresh and clean!

  1. Mascara as Eyeliner

Out of eyeliner? Or you don’t have the cash to splurge on a liner and a mascara, both? Then go ahead and buy just the mascara. Dip your old eyeliner brush into the mascara, and use just like a liquid/cream eyeliner! This would generally stay quite long, as mascara is meant to survive long hours on the eyelashes.

  1. Blush as Eyeshadow

Almost a vice versa of point 3. Here, you use a pink/coral/peach/brown blush as an eyeshadow! Use a powder blush with your spongy eyeshadow sticks. Use a creamy blush just like a creamy eyeshadow. Simple!

  1. Vaseline/body lotion as Makeup Remover

I have done a detailed post on this topic, which you can read here. Vaseline, and any body lotion, work equally well as makeup removers. Spread it on your skin, and use a cotton pad to get rid of the grease. No frills, no extra expenses.


  1. Vaseline as Highlighter

If you don’t know how to obtain a glowing face without too much effort, then just apply a tiny bit of Vaseline petroleum jelly to your cheeks, above the brow bone, and the bridge of your nose. This helps to provide a soft dewy glow to the face. However, be careful, lest you end up using too much and are left with a sticky face!

  1. Handcream as Anti-frizz

Hand creams are designed to be less greasy than other creams. So, what to do to tame those fly-aways when no amount of brushing and combing helps? A tiny dab of hand cream helps those flying strands settle.

Do drop me a line if you have any more suggestions to enhance this list! I would love to learn some more ways in which I can use my makeup 🙂

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