Fabindia Passion Flower Body Spray Review

Floral scents are my favourite family of fragrances. When I think of fragrances, the first thing I think of is a flower. Whenever I have to buy a fragrance, the first one I pick is always a white floral one. One could buy something musky, fruity or aquatic and there runs a risk of going wrong with it, but a floral perfume for me, can never go wrong.

The hot and musty summers of India make it mandatory to carry a perfume product at all times, pretty much because you never know when you are needed for a meeting, a presentation, or an impromptu date! Body mists are great in summers as a splash on the skin refreshes it and the scents obviously make us feel a lot more prepared to face a hot, sweltering day. Body sprays are also a good choice to carry in a bag as they come in plastic bottles, making them pretty travel friendly. So I bought Fabindia Passion Flower Body Spray some months ago (technically, for my sister for her birthday, but guess who ended up using more 🙂 ). I had earlier bought myself Fabindia Perfume Oils in Rose and Ylang Ylang, and pretty much loved both of them, and you can read their reviews here. Let’s talk about this product right away!

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Product Description and Claims: Fabindia has made no claims regarding this product, all it gives out is the usage instructions, which you can see in the image.

Ingredients and Chemistry: This is the list of ingredients for Fabindia Passion Flower Body Spray. I am giving a brief chemistry of these agents:

Denatured Alcohol (solvent and astringent), DM Water (solvent), Fragrance (fragrant component), Propylene Glycol (solvent, helps keep skin hydrated), Colourants (to provide color to the product)


Packaging: The company has recently changed the packaging of all its products. Now, the fragrance mists come in opaque white bottles instead of the older transparent plastic bottles. Now, the product also has a picture of the passion flower, while the one I had was pretty no frills affair, with simply the product name on a pink colored label. The top has a white colored spray opening that needs to be pressed to use the mist. While I had no issues with the older packing too, I find the new one a bit sturdier. However, since the new packing is opaque, I feel it will just be somewhat difficult to determine how much product you are left with. Otherwise, I find the new packing as fine as the older one.

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Color: The color of the product is pale pink, but it does not leave any color on the clothes. I am not sure about the product in the new packaging; however, I expect that the formulation will not have changed.


Scent: Well, I use body mists by spraying tons of product on my skin as well as my clothes. Body mists and sprays, as a rule, are dilute fragrance products which have low fragrance content, and ideally, must be used on the skin (but you know, how hard it is to use perfumes only on the skin when you know you will be sweating it off, making you spray it all over your clothes too!). I have used this particular body spray in a similar manner. Initially, the fragrance is somewhat alcoholic, just like any other body spray. When the alcohol evaporates, you are left with a fragrance very sweet and very floral. I cannot really describe whether it smells like a passion flower because I have not smelled one. However, it is definitely distinctly sweet, and may even seem somewhat artificial and saccharine. But it is strong enough to make your sweltering hot day somewhat pleasant.


Longevity: With a decent spray all over my clothes (count that as 5-8 spritzes), the fragrance lasts for 3-4 hours. Well, of course it depends on how much you sweat, or if you are sitting in an air conditioned office. My personal mantra is to apply fragrances on those parts of the clothes where there will be no contact with body sweat or body heat, making the fragrance last a bit longer. Even when I do that, I find that Fabindia Passion Flower Body Spray lasts about 4-5 hours max. In winters however, it has lasted upto 6-7 hours.

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Price: I bought it for Rs 225 (100 ml). The new price is Rs 250 for the same quantity in the new packing.


FFS Rating:

Fragrance quality: 3/5 (I find it a bit artificial)

Longevity: 4/5

Overall rating: 3.5/5


Where to Buy: You can buy Fabindia Passion Flower Body Spray from any of the Fabindia outlets. You can also buy it online from Fabindia website by clicking here.


PROs and CONs:



  1. Cheap
  2. Travel friendly and very much, handbag friendly bottle! Even the new one I believe is as good as the old one.
  3. Refreshing floral scent, strong enough to beat summer blues
  4. Easily available in Fabindia outlets
  5. Decently long lasting for a body spray



  1. The fragrance is a bit too artificial for my nose, and some may find it too sweet


Final Verdict: If you are looking for a product that can help you feel recharged in the sweltering summers, Fabindia Passion Flower Body Spray is a decent investment! It can instantly lift you up if your nose finds this fragrance pleasant.  Spray it on, on the go with the travel friendly bottle. Worth a try. I would call it one of the best budget friendly body mists in India.

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