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Roses are red and violets are blue…honey is sweet but not as sweet as you! LOL 😀 This used to be a cute pop hit when I was a kid, by a band called Aqua! Those close to me can easily recall how crazy I was about this band when I used to be in 3rd Grade…well, enough of this embarrassing childhood nostalgia! Let’s talk business now 🙂

Lotus lip balms have been one of my favourite for a long time. I went crazy about them when I came to know that these come in sooo many flavours, with cocoa, vanilla, chocolate, cherry and rose in the list. I completely used up the cocoa and vanilla variants which I had bought last year, and that is a major achievement for a girl who has at least 20 lip balms lying around at any point in time. I hadn’t bought any Lotus lip balm in quite a while, so decided to try their rose variant now! Let’s jump into the review..

Ingredients and Claims:


Packaging: While I love the packaging a lot, with a tight shutting cap and a twist up mechanism, this particular one that I have has a fault somewhere, as I just can’t seem to twist the bullet back inside the tube. That obviously creates a mess, as I have to just keep it as is and shut the cap, hoping for no further mess. Otherwise I like the packaging quality. It comes in a cardboard blister, just like other lip balms.

My Experience: I have been using it on and off for the last few weeks, as I told you that I have too many lip balms and I’m spoilt for choice. But I had used Cocoa and Vanilla from the same range quite regularly, and found that Velvety Rose is no different when it comes to the effectiveness of the product.


Colour and Fragrance: This one claims to be tinted, but be warned that it not! I was expecting it to be a deep red in the tube, just like a real red rose, but the balm bullet turns out to be just a hint of baby pink. It has NO COLOR on the lips, just glides transparent. So if you seek a real tinted lip balm, I suggest you invest in the Cherry variant of this range (my friend uses it a lot, so I know for a fact that the Cherry variant is really pigmented, at least in the bullet). The fragrance is of roses, as expected, and quite pleasant to my nose. It doesn’t last for more than 2-3 min on the lips.


Efficacy: This is the best part of the deal. It is absolutely, one of the best and most effective lip balms I have used till date. What makes me feel a bit more proud is that Lotus is an Indian brand, plus it is herbal! A couple of swipes of this balm, and your lips instantly feel smooth and silky soft. It is one of the softest and smoothest feeling lip balms. It also contains some SPF, so you can wear it when out in the sun, but I don’t know how effective such a minor SPF would be, especially in these harsh summers.

Once applied, it can last upto 2-3 hours, depending on how much you eat or talk. Just like other lip balms, I feel a need to reapply after 2-3 hours.

Also, one thing that makes me go gaga over this product is that it ACTUALLY heals chapped lips. It relieves dryness of the lips in a jiffy. Using it at night leaves my lips really soft in the morning. I have used it under some drying matte lipsticks, and it helps prevent my lips from cracking due to the extremely drying formula that those lipsticks have. And I love the fact that these balms have no glitter or shiny particles in them.


So, all this makes it one of the best investments for dry, chapped lips.

FFS Rating: 4.25/5 (deducting on account of false ‘tinted’ claim, and the defective packing that I got…see, I still couldn’t deduct more than 0.75!)

Price and Quantity: Rs 135 for 4 grams

Where to Buy: You can lay your hands on this one at any of Dabur NewU stores, or online from any of the portals. You can buy it from Nykaa here.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Extremely effective at healing chapped lips
  2. Makes lips feel smooth instantly, and feels like a velvety cushion!
  3. Has some SPF
  4. Is herbal
  5. Lovely scent of roses! (a unique lip balm scent)
  6. Travel friendly and hygienic packing
  7. Affordable
  8. Easily available in stores and online



  1. False claims of being a tinted lip balm. It has NO tint, whatsoever.
  2. Defective packing with faulty twist-up mechanism. Can’t be forgiven easily, as it embarrasses me in public places 🙁
  3. Scent not very long lasting

Final Word: A lip balm range definitely worth investing in. It does what a lip balm is supposed to do, offers some SPF protection, plus has this unique scent of roses! I love how smooth it leaves my lips, so I reach for this one quite often. Recommended!

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