The Best Lip Balms in India: 13 Hand-picked Most Effective Lip Balms


Being a lip balm fanatic is an understatement for me! I’m crazy, mad and addicted to lip balms. Well, I feel it is a healthy addiction as buying a new one makes me so happy! Being happy keeps one healthy, hence proved 😀

Researching and collecting lip balms is my favourite hobby! After trying literally tons of lip balms, this is my list of personally recommended lip balms, which I find most effective. Enjoy!

  1. Maybelline Baby Lips

Price: Rs 135-165

A cult favourite, features on number 1 in my list. Just look at how many of these I have (in the image on top) 🙂 These are my most favourite in terms of moisturization, flavours, cuteness factor and ease on the pocket. Pick up any one of them, either from the classic untinted ones (I recommend Lychee Addict, read complete review here), from the tinted range (My favourite is Pink Lolita) or the newly launched Baby Lips Electo Pops (Read complete review for Fierce N Tangy here). All of them are awesome lip moisturizers and have helped heal my chapped lips too. These also contain some SPF.

  1. Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm

Price: Rs 135 onwards

I feel these are the blockbuster lip balms of India! I mean seriously, every girl I know has owned at least one of these. Though not the most moisturizing for very chapped lips, I find them decently hydrating on days when my lips just need a hint of moisture. Plus, I LOVE their amazing flavour range! My latest addiction is the Fruity Shine in Peach (read full review here). I even love the Cherry flavour, the scent reminds me of sweet fruity jelly! You have got to have one of these ladies. Oh, and they have SPF 10 as well. Not very high, but still!

  1. Lotus Lip Therapy

Price: Rs 135

Lotus Lip Balms are one of my most trusted ones. I just couldn’t stop using the Cocoa Lip Therapy, which actually smells just like cocoa butter! And believe me, it was my first ever lip balm which I managed to completely finish (which is a mind-blowing achievement, considering the fact that I have at least 10 lip balms on me at any given moment!!) These are very very moisturizing, and come in great flavours too (I’m eyeing the Velvet Rose one next 😀 ). Definitely one of the best lip balm in India. Read full review here.

  1. Nivea Lip Butter

Price: Rs 189-200


If butter is a term that entices you, and lip butters excite you, then you can find one of the best ones in the form and shape of Nivea Lip Butters. You can read my full review for the Nivea Lip Butter in Cocoa flavour here. They come in adorable tins, and are my night time favourites due to their soothing lovely scents (caramel, cocoa, raspberry rose and blueberry) and buttery soft texture. They completely melt on the lips, making them soft and smoothing out lines. I find these to be one of the best investments, as a tin lasts you ages!


  1. The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm

Price: Rs 275


One of the best lip balms which is globally raved about. Even celebs love this one! It comes in a lot of great fruity flavours, is very decent on moisturization, and come from the house of TBS 🙂 What more do you need? I’m thinking of getting the Watermelon flavour in this!


  1. EOS Lip Balm Sphere

Price: Rs 450 onwards


The blogosphere has been going gaga over these since the time so many celebrities were spotted using these. You can read my full review for the Pomegranate Raspberry one here. These are quite moisturizing, have a naturally sweet taste, are free of all chemicals and the best part is their unusual eggy shape, which can make many-a heads turn 🙂 I wish these are officially launched in India soon.. Also read the review of EOS Visibly Soft Coconut Milk Lip Balm Sphere here.

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  1. Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer

Price: Rs 149


The favourite for a fuss-free lady. Or a man. Neutrogena Lip Balm can even be used by men as it is non-tinted and does not leave any kind of glossiness on the lips. It just leaves the lips looking healthy and nourished.


  1. Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

Price: Rs 400


Every beauty blogger’s favourite, this one is decently moisturizing. Though this variant doesn’t smell as great (it actually smells like pomegranate peel and something herby put together..), but it keeps the lips smooth over time and also imparts a healthy reddish tint to the lips. ‘Coz of this, I really like it a lot 🙂 Read full review of Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil here. Also check out Burt’s Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm reviewed here.


  1. Himalaya Lip Butter

Price: Rs 125


I actually worship this one. It is sooo good! It has cocoa butter because of which it smells super yummy. It is butter in the truest way, as it leaves my lips buttery soft. At this price, I guess nothing can ever beat this one. Plus the jar is amazingly adorable! A MUST HAVE!!


  1. Oriflame Tender Care

Price: Rs 240


Can you see the elegant Victorian design on the lid? Well, that’s not the only factor for getting this tiny pot of wonder! I know, it looks way more expensive than it is. That makes it two points for buying this. And this really works wonders! Do you need more reasons to get this one??


  1. Biotique Bio Almond Overnight Therapy Lip Balm

Price: Rs 149


This is a great affordable lip balm if you’re looking for high moisture and healing power. Biotique has re-launched this lip balm in tube packing, as the tub packing wasn’t going down too well. Though a tiny bit waxy in texture, it does work wonders on lips, especially when used overnight.


  1. CO Bigelow Rose Salve

Price: ~Rs 450


I haven’t tried this one yet (honest!) but I’ve only read really good things about this one! It features high up on my wishlist, and I’m gonna get it as soon as I finish my next lip balm! This is a rose-infused petroleum jelly based product which can be used anywhere on the body. You can’t imagine how I’m controlling my urge to order this one right away 🙂 FYI: It comes from the house of Bath & Body Works


  1. Carmex Original Formula Lip Balm

Price: $1-2 each tube


The canary yellow tube isn’t only cute to look at, but it function well too! It works exceptionally well when my lips are quite chapped. It contains phenol and cocoa butter, a deadly combination which works quite well on cold sores and when the lips are extremely chapped. It leaves a mild cool and tingling sensation on the lips. Recommended for the people living in really cold regions of the world.


Well that’s it for today! If you have any favourites, do drop me a line, I’m all for trying new ones. You know me 🙂

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  • I am a Nivea person myself (or even plain old Chapstick in a pinch) but I so want to try the Maybelline Baby Lips in Lychee now! Nice collection. I also seem to have lots of lip balms, even though I never really like any as much as Nivea 🙂

    • I really wanna try the classic Chapstick..once I was at CVS and I even thought that it’s Chapstick that I’m buying ..but coming home I realized I had bought Chap-block (The imitation made by CVS 🙁 ) Baby Lips remains my favourite.. and I love Nivea lip balms! You must try Baby Lips Lychee Addict.. I love it so much 🙂 💖

      • Ohh, is Chapstick not sold where you live? It stinks when you accidentally buy the store brand version of a product! They even package it in the same way just to fool you. I definitely have Lychee Addict on my wishlist, now, thanks!

        • Yeah, I was completely fooled coz the packing looked so similar to original Chapstick 🙁 I think I can find the real Chapstick here online, but Pfizer doesn’t sell it in India as of now 🙂 so Chapstick is also on my wishlist! Thanks for reminding ^^

    • Jen, Baby lips is definitely my favourite one till date as well..but I can’t be partial to the others in my collection as I love them all too! ☺💞

  • Great blog Poorva. But i guess the effectiveness of these lip balms would depend on your purpose of use. Your lips are gorgeous! For a person like me with quite dry lips, nothing except Lotus helped with the moisturisation part (I have tried most of the balms listed here). Maybelline is decent too, but TBS, Himalaya and Nivea a complete waste of money for me 🙁

    You may want to try Clinique superbalm treatment or TBS Vitamin E Lip Care with SPF 15. I personally loved them 🙂

    • I’m eyeing Clinique lip balms too! You’re correct in saying that every lip balm doesn’t suit everyone, which happens to be the case for all skincare products, but I personally find all these to be quite good! For when I’m suffering from extremely chapped lips, nothing works better for me than Baby Lips (the new formula in Lychee Addict and Watermelon Smooth is even better!) or Himalaya lip butter 🙂 when my lips aren’t as dry, I love Fruity Shine from Nivea and EOS ☺ So I have a lip balm for every occasion!!

  • This is perfect…I am totally addicted to lip balm too! At any one time I can lay my hands on at least 3! You have inspired me to use the Baby Lips one…I have it but have never used it. Embryolisse do a skin balm in a small pot that is amazing to use as a lip balm…it’s my current night time favourite. 🙂

    • Wow I had never heard of this brand before you told me! Now I’m itching to get this one too 😊 you should open up your Baby Lips and use it..I’m pretty sure you’ll like it! Lip balm is one cute addiction of a girl…

        • I just looked it up, and it sounds great 🙂 Lush products have been on my wishlist for sooooo long now, but they are not available in my country.. ^sob sob^ i really wana try their Honeytrap lip balm ☺

  • Have you tried BOROLINE? It’s awesome and really affordable. it’s green tube would discourage u at first, in fact it’s appearance is discouraging….but it works wonders, not only on the lips but the body as well… especially places that tend to get dry…and it’s continual use, would get u a beautiful soft pink lips. It’s popular among Indians. Ideally for night use only or if u don’t do have plans of going out. If u must apply and go out, use as base and apply a little. It removes dead lip-skin, so don’t get scared if u see ur lip shedding.

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