The Body Shop Almond Shower Gel Review, Price

I have completely lost patience with Indian television. All they show is

  1. An India filled with controversy, Babas, crimes, and conspiracies, courtesy our News-cum-Entertainment channels
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I seriously consider selling my television on OLX sometimes, but can’t (my Mom would be offended if she hears me scheming against her beloved home appliance!). But we really need something substantial for our prime time viewing. We have been suffering through these endless soaps for decades now. Why can’t any Indian television show maker wake up and smell the coffee?? When will we have some decent thrillers, drama, comedy (no, I do not want another stand up comedy show, thank you very much!), and other genres of television in Hindi?

Enough of my rant. Let’s get you through the review of a nice product, and let’s hope this helps uplift our mood!

Ingredients: Not Mentioned!! TBS, this is the first time that I had no clue what went into making your product! Why?? No mention on website, no mention on the bottle, nothing!

However, I do assume that this shower gel contains SLS, as almost all TBS shower gels and creams (at least the ones whose ingredients lists I have seen) contain SLS.

Product Description: This soap-free bath and shower gel contains real almond oil. It has a sweet, nutty scent. – Soap-free – Lather-rich – Sweet almond scent.


My Experience: I have had a delightful experience with the body butter from the same line [Read review for The Body Shop Almond Body Butter HERE]. Which led me to pick up the shower gel without a second thought. I have previously used several shower gels by TBS, and none of them disappointed me, so I knew this was a risk-free purchase. FYI, I had bought this shower gel several months ago. I just wanted to mention this because TBS tends to discontinue the Almond line of products quite often, and some people ask me where I get these from. To which I always reply that I stock up whenever I find them in the stores! So, it might have happened that TBS has, yet again, discontinued the shower gel. One thing is certain, you will not find this particular variant in the TBS stores easily.

Color, Fragrance: The color of a shower gel should really not matter, but still, a pretty color always entices you 🙂 The almond shower gel is just the shade of almonds. The fragrance, however, is another story. If you have read my review for the body butter from the same line, you would know that the fragrance of this line of TBS products is not the sweet, nutty fragrance of sweet almonds, but rather, is the strong smell of bitter almonds. Which does not mean that I dislike it! I quite like the fragrance, but it does not have a universal appeal, such as that of strawberries or roses (I assume most people do like the fragrance of strawberries and roses :)) You need to develop a liking for this fragrance. It can be either a hit or a miss. Which brings us to an important tip: ALWAYS SNIFF THE PRODUCTS THOROUGHLY BEFORE BUYING THEM! And also, I personally prefer such nutty fragrances only in fall-winter season, as I find these scents quite cloying and bothering in the sweaty summer months.


Effectiveness: Just like the other shower gels by TBS, this product did the expected job pretty well. It is a decent body cleanser. You require just a little bit of the product on your loofah to work up a rich lather. It leaves the skin clean. It does not require tons of water to wash off, and nor does it leave a slimy film behind on the skin. None of the TBS shower gels leave that odd, slippery feeling, which is why I just love their shower gels. The fragrance is something very soothing nowadays when the season is gradually changing to ever so slightly cool mornings. I think I will enjoy this more when it gets even colder, as the fragrance is warm and nutty. It does not leave the skin too dry post usage, which is another reason to love it. However, I always follow it up with a moisturizer. Sometimes, I layer up the fragrance by following up with almond body butter.

The fragrance of the shower gel does seem very strong in the shower, but there are almost no traces of the scent on your skin post shower, so you can be assured that the fragrance won’t clash with a perfume that you want to wear. However, if you use the same almond body butter post your shower, the scent of bitter almonds is something you will have on your skin ALL DAY LONG. Therefore I encourage you to read my review for the Almond Body Butter 😀

FFS Rating: 4/5

Price: Rs 425 for 250 ml. These shower gels generally last for 2-3 months, as you need very little of it, so I find these worth the price, however do look out for sale!


Where to buy: You’ll be lucky if you find this stocked in any TBS outlet! It is very hard to find, as TBS has this habit to bring this product to store very infrequently. I wonder why this line has not been made permanent. They just keep discontinuing it for no known reason.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Effective body cleanser
  2. Very little product is required
  3. Does not leave the skin very dry
  4. Does not leave a slimy layer on skin post washing
  5. Unusual scent, which can become your favourite!
  6. The fragrance, despite being strong, does not last much on the skin (which can be a pro, or a con, depending on how you want the product to behave!)
  7. Travel friendly, sturdy packing
  8. TBS does not test on animals, and engages in fair-trade practices, which is always good to know


  1. The almond line of products is never available in stores
  2. The scent can be very strong for some noses
  3. The scent is not very suitable for summers
  4. A tad bit expensive for a shower gel

Final Word: Do try this shower gel if you’re lucky enough to spot this in stores! I am definitely buying it if I ever see it again. This range is one of my most favourite ones (close second to the Moringa line!) A very decent shower gel for the upcoming winter season. Worth a try, but don’t forget to sniff it in the store.

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