8 Essential Items for Winters for Men and Women + FFS Turns 1!

Time flies. Life changes. People come and go, situations change, and we move on. But I have realized that all things happen for a good reason. Every single thing that happens in our lives moulds us and makes us who we are. I have come to believe in this theory even more firmly over the last one year.

And, today happens to be the first anniversary of Fashion Food Soul! I have been pretty irresponsible, being irregular with my posts, but I have been travelling for work for the last month, making it quite difficult to sit down and write my heart out. But 2nd December is special, so I just had to write this!

This anniversary is an opportunity to thank the most important people in my life: my readers. I would like to thank all of you, who have stuck with me for the last one year. It warms my heart to see people liking and appreciating my posts, coming up to me and telling me they loved something or would like to read something. Fashion Food Soul has given me so much! I discovered the writer and the explorer within me this year. This blog gives me the courage to be a different person. And I can’t thank my readers enough for the love.

So today, I bring to you the list of my winter handbag essentials, or rather, a checklist of items that you must have with you these winters. I had been meaning to do this post for a long time. Travelling makes you realize the importance of keeping essentials handy. So I am trying to compile a list of the most important things that one needs to absolutely have with them in winters. I am trying to make this list unisex, as I am blessed to have a lot of men who read my posts 🙂

Winters are the time to keep warm, dry, cozy, and moisturized. This list would help you achieve all these:

  1. Lip balm


The most important thing in my bag is a variety of lip balms. Call me an addict or whatever, but one can’t do without these! Especially in winters when the chilly winds leave your lips dry as parchment. A basic lip balm can save you from painful, bleeding lips. Plus, applying balm also prevents you from biting your dry lips, and excessive licking which make the lips worse.

I recommend:

For men: Nivea Essential Care, Vaseline

For women: Lotus Lip Therapy, Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm (review coming soon!), EOS Lip Balm Sphere, Maybelline Baby Lips

  1. Gloves

Cold extremities are my worst woes in winters. I always keep a pair of gloves in my bag for the worst wintery days. Plus, the best things to have happened to folks like me (who are forever complaining about cold hands) are the touch-screen gloves! These let you handle your phones without taking off the gloves, so both, your fingers as well as your phone can be thankful to them!

  1. Sunglasses


Shades are essential throughout the year, but during winters, the sun can still be harsh on the eyes, especially if you are out for long hours. Having sunglasses in the bag is an absolute must.

  1. Cap/beanie

The first thing I bought on my current trip was a cap, as I had forgotten to bring one from home, and I was frozen to death on the first night when I stepped out! Since then, it hasn’t left my bag. If you’re not wearing a hooded jacket, these can be lifesavers on cold nights and foggy mornings.

  1. All-purpose cream/hand cream


It is not uncommon to find your freshly moisturized skin becoming rough and dry after stepping out in the cold. Keeping a tube of your favorite cream or a travel pack of a hand and body lotion is highly recommended, as you can use it to moisturize dry hands, any dry spots on your face, or help soothe dry elbows.

I recommend:

For men and women: Neutrogena Hand Cream, Nivea Creme

  1. High energy food


Winters suck away energy as our bodies struggle to keep warm. It is very easy to feel tired and sluggish. To fight hunger pangs, a high calorie food item must be stashed close enough to be eaten. I always try to keep some granola bars, chocolates and candy in my bag for when hunger strikes (which does happen quite often!).

  1. Hair serum

This one is for the ladies! Winters also mean excessively charged hair, and uncontrolled fly-aways. While I always try to put some hair serum every morning, it is a good idea to keep a small pack in your handbag for days when your hair is extra stubborn and wouldn’t settle down.

  1. Basic painkiller and allergy medicine

Being prepared for an unforeseen headache, or a bout of sneezing (thanks to the cold winds) can never be a bad idea. A strip of paracetamol and some anti-histamines in your travel bag can help you or a friend on a not-so-good day.

I hope you find my list useful! Travelling teaches us a lot. It has taught me how to pack my handbag, apart from a lot of other things!

As FFS turns 1, I hope it continues to help my readers in making informed choices about products before buying them, in helping them be a bit more fashionable than they already are, while it also helps me become a better writer! I really feel blessed today to have all of you as my readers 🙂

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