How to Wear Flared and Boot-legged Pants?

Fashion repeats itself. There are no two ways about it. Some stylish trends of 40s are making waves now, such as peplums, and cinch waist dresses. Some super hot items of the 80s, such as neons and overalls (or dungarees, whichever you prefer to call them) are back as if they never went anywhere!

Last year, while shopping for pants somewhere, I was looking at heaps and heaps of skinny and straight fits. I am a heavy bottomed girl (and have no qualms about it, mind you), and it takes me ages to find a decent enough pair of pants or jeans, especially of the slim-fit varieties, as most of them end up looking weird on a body type like mine. While walking through aisles filled with skinnies, I knew somewhere deep down that I am going to see flared jeans and bell-bottomed pants very soon. It had been too long that they were gone! Fast forward to spring 2015, and I began seeing a hint of flares in some high-street stores. Earlier, I had not been the biggest fan of flared jeans. Back in 2000-2007, when flared bottoms were still a thing, I was too young, too naive, and too busy in my school and early college years to bother much about what I wore; I was a nerdy girl, and well, I still am, but now I am a fashionable nerd! But now, I wanted flares to come back, as I knew this was a trend I could easily work with.

The things I love most about flares are:

  1. Flares work for everyone: no matter what your age or body type, flares would look good on you
  2. Flares work for every occasion: be it work, party, a lunch, or a dinner date, with the right accessories, you can easily take the same flared bottom from day to night, or from formal to casual

Here, I put together the guide on how to sport the flared bottom look with panache in your real life!

  1. Heels are a MUST!

One reason why flares work for everyone is that they create the illusion of height, as well as an illusion of proportion. So, people of every body type can carry a flared-bottom look. But, to make them work best, you must ALWAYS wear these with heels. The look screams sophistication, and you look just so classy. Choose between wedges, stilettos, pumps, or block heels, any would do. Just keep them high heeled.

  1. Keep them long

Since you are wearing heels, the pants need not be short. You must keep them just long enough that almost all of your shoe is hidden, and what remains is the illusion of you being extra tall.

  1. Wear them high

Most of the flared jeans come high-waisted. The added advantage is that you can easily team them with crop tops without exposing too much of the midriff. Of course, you can wear them with any regular shirt/blouse tucked in as well to look a class apart. It’s win-win all the way!

  1. Don an interesting top

That is, if you’re not wearing printed bottoms! Assuming you wear a regular black/blue/white flared bottom, you need to wear something interesting on top. Though you need not necessarily wear the fanciest of your blouses with it, as you already look like a million bucks, with that height! I personally prefer a well fitted shirt, a silk blouse, or even a plain white top. You can go creative as well, with slogan t-shirts, off-shoulder tops, and what not!

  1. Layer it up!

Fall is here, and it won’t take long for the chill to set in. So, you will need your cardigans, biker jackets, and trench coats pretty soon. But frown not, ‘coz all these would complement flared bottoms in fall-winter. Don’t forget, you can easily wear your high boots under those loose flared bottoms!

  1. Accessorize

You won’t need too much, as the look itself is quite strong. However, I always prefer to complete the look with some interesting danglers or pendants, and of course, a roomy bag if you’re going out in the day. For the night, switch to a dainty sling bag or clutch, wear a glitzy watch, and you would be the rock-chick!

Take cue from this compilation, and get inspired!


Do buy yourself a pair of bell-bottoms/flared pants. As far as I can foresee, this look is gonna stay trendy for the next couple of years. You can easily find these with all high-street brands.

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