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Chocolates are my weakness and I’m a self confessed chocolate addict. (All my friends reading this, please note, I accept chocolates gladly on birthday, and other occasions 🙂 ) I love it in all forms, be it white, milk or dark, with nuts, raisins, rice crispies, caramel, chilli (I like the Lindt Chili Dark Chocolate too!), anything. But I’m quite choosy about the quality of the chocolate. In fact anyone who loves chocolate would be able to tell the difference between a good and a bad one on the basis of the fundamental taste that it has. And I have had enough experience with bad chocolates in India.

First things first, I’m not extremely fond of wafer chocolates. I buy them least often. To me, the whole point of eating chocolate gets diluted by the wafer, which forms the major bulk of this type of chocolate. However, the advert for the new chocolate by Kit-Kat, called as Kit-Kat Senses, made me a bit curious. For this new range, they claim to have churned the chocolate for a good 12 hours. And slow-churned chocolate is synonymous with a smooth, rich tasting chocolate. So being all determined to try this mysterious new wafer coated with slow-churned chocolate, I asked my sister to get this for me when she went to the mall.

Variants: This comes in the regular Milk chocolate variant (one in the red-wrapper) and the Dark chocolate one (deep brown wrapper). I got the Dark chocolate variant.


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Packaging: It comes packed in a regular foil wrapper colored deep dark brown. I was expecting the chocolate to be wrapped in a luxurious golden foil paper, as it is being marketed as a luxurious range. But I was disappointed to find the chocolate fingers in the same silver foil. Bad, huh?

Nutritional information:

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Quantity and Price: Rs 50 for 37.3 grams. This chocolate has 4 regular sized Kit-Kat fingers. Only.

Appearance: Same as your regular Kit-Kat.

Taste: Well, I had really high expectations. I broke a finger from the set and took a bite. Yes, the taste is different. It is definitely nicer than the regular Kit-Kat. You can taste the slightly bitter chocolate coating on the wafer. The chocolate tasted smoother. The aroma and the taste were nice. But, as I had expected, they have made it a bit too sweet, which is what I was afraid of. The wafer is of course the same as your regular Kit-Kat and was crunchy. I would say that it is one of the better wafer chocolates I have tasted. Had it been less sweet, it would have been top-notch.

But alas, my verdict is that this is ultimately only a wafer chocolate. And at Rs 50, one of the more expensive ones in India. Despite tasting better than the other similar chocolates in the market, I would rather buy something more substantial to satiate my chocolate craving.

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FFS Munchy Quotient: 2.8/5 (too sweet for my taste-buds, expensive)

Repurchase: Nah. I might accept it as a gift though ( 😉 ), or as a freebie. If they reduce the price to Rs 30, I might buy it again. But at Rs 50? Nope.

Final Verdict: If you’re fond of wafery chocolates and want to eat a good one, plus you don’t mind shelling 50 bucks for a wafer chocolate, then please, buy this one all the time. If you, like me, need a full-bodied chocolate instead, then this can be skipped.

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