Lay’s Maxx Hot ‘N’ Sour Punch Review

I am a chips person, through and through. No matter how many cheese balls come and go, no matter how many flavours of nachos they launch, no matter the availability of diet namkeen ( 😛 ), I would remain loyal to my favourite starch, potato. Having tried and liked the barbeque flavour of this new (well, not that new anymore, but relatively newer) chip range by Lay’s, called Lay’s Maxx, I spotted a new flavour called Hot ‘N’ Sour Punch and was willing to give it a try.

Packaging: A black packing is a distinguishing feature of the Lay’s Max range. With large fonts on the pack, it’s sort of a declaration of what to expect inside, which are really large cut, almost mountainously ridged potato chips.

Lay's Maxx Image 1

Taste: The pack claims that the Lay’s Maxx have “deep ridges” and “intense flavours”, which is the USP of this range. First bite into the chip gives you a hit of spice, and then you get the typical flavours expected in a hot ‘n’ sour range. I could feel a hint of sourness followed by the flavour of lime and a slight something reminiscent of ginger. The overall spice is less than the Magic Masala Lay’s, (which happens to be my favourite flavour till date) and hence, not sufficient to satiate my palate which lovvveesss everything extra spicy and bold. However, the overall flavour lives up to its name and you can actually find it to be both, hot and sour. I would have liked it if the flavour was more intense because you can never be too spicy in India! Also, I like the deep ridged design on the chip as it gives the chip an interesting bite.

Quantity: 58 grams

Price: Rs 30

FFS Rating: 3/5

Lay's Maxx Image 2

Try it if:

  1. You want to try the deeply ridged Maxx range
  2. You like a sour angle in your potato chip

Don’t try it if:

  1. You are expecting the spice levels to be equal to the one in your local chip maker’s “mirch wale chips”

Would I re-buy this?: No, as I prefer their Barbeque flavour much more than this one, plus the sour flavour is not my favourite in the world of chips.

Have you tried this new range by Lay’s? Did you like it? Share your views with us!

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