Nescafé Cold Coffee Intense Café, Hazelnut and Chilled Latté Review

Cold coffee is a summer favourite for millions, including me! I love to make it myself but who doesn’t love a readymade concoction? So my mom generally makes cold coffee in bulk and everyone at home is handed a glassful during the day. Which is my definition of readymade! But, when one does spot cartons of cold coffee by one of favourite brands, Nescafé, what does one do except buy some to try out?! I spotted Nescafé Cold Coffee in flavours Intense Cafe, Hazelnut and Chilled Latte at the supermart nearby and instantly picked all three. Let’s check out what I felt about each.

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Nescafé Cold Coffee: Intense Café

This one comes in a red carton and going by the name, I found it most appealing because I instantly started imagining my favourite super strong glass of cold coffee. Hence this was the first pack that I opened to try. The first sip told me that this was not really what I was expecting because while I did get a good flavour of coffee, I found an equally strong flavour of milk and loads of sugar. The taste of milk here is smooth and creamy but the concoction is way too sweet to justify the name. As a matter of fact, this beverage tastes like a liquefied “Coffee Bite”, a toffee I hope you remember from 90’s childhood!

FFS Rating: 3/5

Nescafé Cold Coffee: Hazelnut

Slightly disappointed with the first flavour, I pierced the straw into the second one, a green carton of the flavour Hazelnut. And so they say, lower your expectations and you will be surprised! Now the first mouthful of this one will be sweet and nutty, and definitely delicious. Delicious enough to justify the name!  So I turned the carton around in my hands to check out the ingredients and was slightly surprised to see no mention of hazelnuts there, implying the use of artificial flavouring. But then at Rs 30, this is to be expected. And frankly, I don’t mind because the stuff is delicious.

FFS Rating: 4/5

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Nescafé Cold Coffee: Chilled Latté

After having tasted the Intense Café, I knew that this one in a creamy brown carton would also be quite sweet. So I was well prepared for what was coming my way. And yes, unsurprisingly, it came out to be a milder, milkier version of the Intense Café. It has a mild coffee flavour and predominantly milky. This is my least favourite among the three.

FFS Rating: 2.5/5

Quantity: 180 ml each

Price: Rs 30 for each of these flavours.

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Try it if:

  1. You are fond of cold coffee and are too lazy to make it at home (in that case, you will need to buy multiple of these because, hello, 180 ml doesn’t even begin to feel like you had something :P)
  2. You want a quick cold coffee fix at your workplace or college in a ready-to-carry carton

Don’t try it if:

  1. You are not fond of cold coffee that is too sweet

Will I re-buy this?: Only the hazelnut flavour! Also, at Rs 30, I found only this flavour worth the money because it is unique! The rest of the flavours didn’t really make the cut for me. But I like that I can now buy flavoured cold coffee easily!

Which one would you like to try? Share your views!

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