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Smooth. I love this word! Have you noticed how some words are so perfect?! Like ‘Hope’, which always makes me imagine a horizon with a beautiful sunset, with boundless possibilities ahead. The word ‘Glamour’, which just makes one think of high fashion glossies and a ramp! Smooth, for me, is one such pretty word, as it is so perfect, and spontaneously implies something soft and glossy and buttery and beautiful!

Smoothness and chocolate are words which are deeply connected. A chocolate which is smooth is equivalent to a rich experience! Nestle has been launching some new chocolates which are claimed to be slow churned. I recently reviewed Nestle Kit-Kat Senses Dark, which you can read here. Though I wasn’t highly impressed with the wafer chocolate, I decided to give the milk chocolate a try, to know what the slow-churning did to the regular Nestle Milk Chocolate (apart from an exponential increase in the price!!!)

Ingredients: Sugar, Milk solids (22.7%), Cocoa butter, Cocoa solids and Emulsifier (Soya lecithin)


This is what ‘slow-churning’ is all about!


Packaging: A gold plastic foil made my hopes higher! I love golden packaging, especially for chocolates 🙂 But sadly, yet again, the inner regular foil is a boring silver one. Nestle, you could learn a lesson from Cadbury.

Nutritional Information: 


Quantity and Price: Rs 40 for 36 grams! That too, for a milk chocolate! Who decides these prices, I wonder…

Appearance: Good news is that the chocolate is quite beautiful! Each piece is a tiny pyramidal structure (tiny tiny pyramid…see the picture!), which enhances the visual appeal.


Taste: Let’s get to main business now, friends! I was expecting the taste to be in line with Galaxy Smooth Milk, which is one of my favourite milk chocolates. This one smells nice and sweet and milky. The taste is very sweet and smooth. In fact it is almost as smooth as Galaxy. It completely melts in the mouth. But something in the taste reminds me of Bournvita! Gosh! In fact it really tastes a lot like Bournvita (well, stealing Bournvita from the kitchen cupboard post lunch has its benefits, you see! And don’t you judge me for still drinking it 😉 ) The good thing is that it is smooth. But the good things end there. It is wayyyy toooo sweet. And the high sugar content just deteriorates the feeling that you are eating chocolate. It doesn’t even come close to a regular Cadbury Milk Chocolate, which, according to me, is the best chocolate in India, with the perfect balance of sugar and cocoa. This Nestle Extra Smooth, despite being Extra Smooth, didn’t impress me. At all.

FFS Munchy Quotient: 2.5/5

Repurchase: Never. I didn’t like it much. I’d rather get a Galaxy.

Final Word: If you really wanna try, then do try, but if you are looking for an out-of-the-world milk chocolate experience, you’ll be severely disappointed. The smoothness factor makes me like it just a bit, but the sugar and the odd malty Bournvita-like taste makes this a complete let down. Better skip it! Oh, and it is expensive at Rs 40!

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